Kemir Baker has been a Christian for over twenty years. She attributes her success to the blessings and inner workings of God. She endured a traumatic childhood that included abuse from a caregiver on all levels. Much later in life after possessing difficulties in college, specialists diagnosed her with a learning disability. However, she did not allow these experiences to prohibit her from achieving her dreams and goals. She decided that these circumstances would not define her future. Defying specialists, she became a seasoned IT professional who used her talents in the digital and mobile ecosystems to move companies forward in the technology industry by establishing innovative solutions. Kemir also defied obstacles and cultural taboos by representing women within core engineering departments governed mostly by men.

Her personal healing journey has occurred for decades and continues. She acknowledges that it takes time to heal. As she continued her life’s journey, she sought strength and purpose from God. Kemir’s love for God propelled her to deepen her understanding of the scriptures by pursuing a Master of Theological Studies from Regent University. During her studies, she developed a deep passion for exegetical theology. She was amazed by her studies in the original grammatical, literal, and historical context of the scriptures and the richness it provides for a deeper level of intimacy with God and His Word. Not only richness, but identifying the continuity and completeness of God’s Word. She completed the degree program in 2016.

Due to her own life experiences, Kemir understood the importance of having a great support team and tools to heal. Therefore, she founded the nonprofit organization, J-Intelligence Networks, Inc. Our mission is to empower women to walk in the healing Jesus provides, equipping them through connection and education to live the abundant life God has for them. With the assistance of life coaches, social workers, therapists, and everyday people, we inspire others to pursue long term transformation on their healing journeys. Our goal is for women to be spiritually strengthened and delivered from circumstances.